The Miracle of Raspberry Pi (Part 1)

What’s a Raspberry Pi ? Is it some kind of food or beverages? Nope! It’s a credit-card sized computer and the most importantly low cost ! Maybe 10 years earlier, we still using a big-sized CPU paired with CRT Monitors taking so much space and also money ofc. Now imagine you can get fully operational mini-sized computer just for about $30-40. Cheap isn’t it? Although it doesn’t come with monitor, keyboard or mouse. You can simply make use of your HDMI-enabled TV as a temporary monitor and use cheap keyboard or monitor. So what’s so amazing about Raspberry Pi compared to conventional computers or laptops?

raspberry pi 2.jpg

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Raspberry PI isn’t intended for heavy use (power user) doing video editing, rendering, designing or hardcore gaming. Raspberry Pi is a tool to make your life cooler and more ‘Geek’ or as a platform to begin learning how to program . For a mere people, witnessing you using Raspberry Pi is kind like tech-god or wizard hacker, but behind the scene, you can make use of Raspberry Pi without any computer background at all. The development of Raspberry Pi is intended for children or people to easily learn programming. So, you don’t need know programming at all to start with although knowing some might make you easier to understand it. Raspberry Pi is easier to use compared to other micro controllers like Arduino because of it’s simplicity and community support. You can do many cool things with Raspberry Pi. I, myself, currently researching Home Security System using Raspberry Pi for my thesis. The system will have motion detector and face recognition. Cool isn’t it? Imagine your house is protected with a system that will automatically warn you if any intruder is detected and your house will only open for several people registered using face recognition. You can travel to another parts of world and you can still have access to surrounding around your home checking if there is any intrusion have happened. Or you will get automatic notification in case a fire has broken in your house. Yeah you can set that kind of security system with only a few bucks using Raspberry Pi. Or for some silly reasons, you want to know who steals your food in the fridge, just install Raspberry Pi and you can set it to notify who steal your food. Lol ! This kind of project can easily be found via giving you steps by steps how to set it up.

Here’s is some cool projects worth trying

  • Magic Mirror . This project will enable you to own a mirror that kind like coming from the future.


    Magic Mirror

  • Piano Stairs. Wanna make your stairs looking cool by adding musics in it? This project is for you 
  • Home Entertainment System . Wanna own low cost yet powerful home theatre PC? This is it!
  •  Next-Gen Photo Frame. Kind of bored of your living room photo frame? Take it to the next level with Raspberry Pi !

That’s for today for some cool Raspberry Pi’s projects. For Part 2, I’ll compile more projects to share with you. And after my research is completed, it’s possible to share to you how to make your own Next-Gen Home Security System 🙂 For now, See ya !

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