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[Life Hacking] Printing from Your Phone using Google Cloud Print


Ever got something to print from your mobile phone but you are to lazy to move the files from your mobile phone to laptops / PCs? Or your printer isn’t equipped with the latest Wi-Fi Ready Printer Technology? Rest Assured. With Google Cloud Printing, you can print your documents, photos, etc directly from your phones through internet / web. If your printer is Google Cloud Print Ready, the process is easy as the printer connect directly to the cloud. To verify your printer is cloud print ready, visit here. The procedure to connect the printer is showed below


Connect your Google Cloud Print Ready Printer

and if your printer is not Google Cloud Print Ready, no worries, the step is as easy as the cloud print ready. Classic Printers need computer to establish web connection.


Connect your classic printer

You can also share your printer to your friend or friends


Share your printer to your friends

After you connect your printer to Google Cloud Print service, you can start printing from your mobile phones, tablets, Macs or Chromebook. Here is apps that support Google Cloud Printing. Click Here

Isn’t it easy to set up your Cloud Printing ? Hope you find this simple life-hacking useful. If you want to read more about Google Cloud Printing, click here

Google Cloud Printing is a product / service from Google, Inc. 

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The Miracle of Raspberry Pi Part 2 and Exclusive Insight of the new Raspberry Pi Zero

The Miracle of Raspberry Pi Part 2 and Exclusive Insight of the new Raspberry Pi Zero


$5 Raspberry Pi Zero (

After discussing the Raspberry Pi in the last post, I promised to compile a list of projects worth to be checked about. See part 1 : The Miracle of Raspberry Pi (Part 1). But before we make our way to the awesome projects, I have some good news to share. The arrival of Raspberry Pi Zero. What’s the different between Raspberry Pi Zero with another model of Raspberry Pi ? The ultimate difference is the price ! You can get Raspberry Pi Zero with only $5 ! Yeah, you are not mistaken. $5 is the only money you need to buy one credit-card sized computer ! With only a slight decrease of specification from Raspberry Pi 2, it can still perform a whole load of computation. Raspberry Pi Zero is also 40% faster than Raspberry PI 1 and a lot cheaper !. Here is the comparison of specification between Raspberry Pi 1, Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi Zero. (source :

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The Miracle of Raspberry Pi (Part 1)

What’s a Raspberry Pi ? Is it some kind of food or beverages? Nope! It’s a credit-card sized computer and the most importantly low cost ! Maybe 10 years earlier, we still using a big-sized CPU paired with CRT Monitors taking so much space and also money ofc. Now imagine you can get fully operational mini-sized computer just for about $30-40. Cheap isn’t it? Although it doesn’t come with monitor, keyboard or mouse. You can simply make use of your HDMI-enabled TV as a temporary monitor and use cheap keyboard or monitor. So what’s so amazing about Raspberry Pi compared to conventional computers or laptops?

raspberry pi 2.jpg

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

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Travel and Technology

With today’s technology advancement, no doubt every aspects of our life are influenced by it. Even a basic aspect such as our need of food has been greatly enhanced by technology. Now, we can leisurely sit in the couch, ordering food or even daily needs from mobile apps. Isn’t it great? Everything can be done just by simply touching screen. Even with travelling, we can plan our itinerary by visiting plenty of blogs covering our destination, booking cheap hotels, homestay or renting a car. We can’t simply ignore how Google Maps or Waze has helped us much reaching place we have never been or seen before, how Google Street View simulates places we dreamed to go, how Google Translate help us communicate with strangers from different countries and cultures, how websites like Agoda, AirBnB helped us in booking hotels, and many more.


Travel and Technology. (Source :

While I was planning to travel to one unknown place last weekend, I totally had no clue how to get there and where exactly the place is. The place is rather new, just being found last month. By reading pieces of information from several blogs from people that has been there, I didn’t get enough information to get there from my place via public transportation. They simply either live near there or using their own private car to get there and those didn’t help at all. With enough nerve to travel there, we browsed Google Maps to find the nearest train station. From the train station. Arrived at the train station, we had to ask locals about another public transportation that will enable us to reach there. Unfortunately, there isn’t any public transportation that go directly to our destination. And with Google Maps to, we found the nearest stopping point possible and from there with sheer luck walking 30 mins to the destination.


Google Maps (Source : Google)

Now imagine if we didn’t have any luxury to use the technology above. I’m sure we even didn’t know what places that are recently founded, what places that are recommended to visit, what should we expect, how to get to that places. Even if we know where to visit, we also need to bring a whole city maps to make us able to navigate. There is no doubt that technology has helped us so much in our life. Recently, I purchased power banks, but it’s not ordinary power banks. It is powered by solar energy. Yeah, solar energy. First, I didn’t believe that such a technology has existed. Okay, the usage of solar energy to power homes or generator isn’t new, but power banks? It is surely new. We can just hang it to our bags or carrier while we travel and it will be charged enough to be used later on. Life surely gets easier uh? With this technology advancement, I’m really excited what more will be revealed to us in the future. For now, we can just fully utilize the technology and makes our travel experience better than ever 🙂


My Travel Equipment for my next trip 🙂