Monthly Archives: September 2013

Simple yet Troublesome Problem

Haha.. Today had not been awesome.. Just got confused because of the clash between my Lecturer Schedule and my Cisco Schedule.. It’s fine and troublesome enough if I have to attend 4 or 5 different classes in University (normally my Univ, 1 student got the same class for every subjects), but there’s 1 more problem, 1 of my subject can’t change class at all and neither Univ or Cisco Training can do anything about it (at least till tonight), will be nagging with both of them later tomorrow again lol….. been a troublesome day, looking ahead for tomorrow 😀 Finally BBM (Blackberry Messenger) will be released in iOS and Android 😀 (Invitation has been sent to press at Indonesia :D), looking forward to it 😀 maybe finally will be say goodbye to Blackberry Handheld in the future 😀 😀 has been impressed with Touch ID on iPhone 5S ^^ , hopefully Samsung will released its own version of “Touch ID” in the near future too 😀 :D.. Feeling better after writing it out… been in a state of mentally exhausted throughout the day, being tested by different things and different people , but it’s always a good night 😀 😀 goodnight people 🙂

A Thought of the Night

Having so long not updating this blog, and kinda funny tonight updating some serious yet funny thought. Haha.. Finally turned 19 this month yet I haven’t realized and felt like being 19 at all. It seems like yesterday I was playing and studying at home in Medan, playing Badminton every weekend. It was such a beautiful childhood time 🙂 Why it seems not like being 19? Felt like I’m far from achieving anything in this life. When every friends out there actively achieving something that they can be proud about, I’m just stuck here doing nothing. Just studying studying and studying. Although I’m going such thing like Authorized Training for my future career, will it be enough? Have been in a deep thought in a few days lately. But I guess this thought surfaced because I’ve been in holiday for so long. Almost 3 months and will be resuming my university life in a few days. Holiday while doing nothing and just stuck in Read the rest of this entry