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[Life-Hacking] Controlling Youtube using Smartphones / Tablets


So here’s is the scenario. You are watching Youtube Videos in your laptop and you find one particular video interesting and wanted to share it to your friends that happen to be hanging out in your house. Conventionally, you will ask your friends to watch it together in your laptop. But, what if you have a big TV and your computer is connected to your TV (like I am via HDMI) but your TV are not Wi-Fi ready meaning you can’t use your TV to watch Youtube unless you duplicate the screen from your laptop which isn’t a problem if the distance between your laptop and TV is near. What if you want to sit comfortably in your couch and you can control your Youtube via mobile phones and your friends can add the video to the queue to via their own mobile phones or tablets. Isn’t it wonderful ? You can leave your laptop near your TV and you can sit comfortably in your couch or bed. But how? How can you control your laptops that are far from you ? Here’s the steps:

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