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Travel and Technology

With today’s technology advancement, no doubt every aspects of our life are influenced by it. Even a basic aspect such as our need of food has been greatly enhanced by technology. Now, we can leisurely sit in the couch, ordering food or even daily needs from mobile apps. Isn’t it great? Everything can be done just by simply touching screen. Even with travelling, we can plan our itinerary by visiting plenty of blogs covering our destination, booking cheap hotels, homestay or renting a car. We can’t simply ignore how Google Maps or Waze has helped us much reaching place we have never been or seen before, how Google Street View simulates places we dreamed to go, how Google Translate help us communicate with strangers from different countries and cultures, how websites like Agoda, AirBnB helped us in booking hotels, and many more.


Travel and Technology. (Source :

While I was planning to travel to one unknown place last weekend, I totally had no clue how to get there and where exactly the place is. The place is rather new, just being found last month. By reading pieces of information from several blogs from people that has been there, I didn’t get enough information to get there from my place via public transportation. They simply either live near there or using their own private car to get there and those didn’t help at all. With enough nerve to travel there, we browsed Google Maps to find the nearest train station. From the train station. Arrived at the train station, we had to ask locals about another public transportation that will enable us to reach there. Unfortunately, there isn’t any public transportation that go directly to our destination. And with Google Maps to, we found the nearest stopping point possible and from there with sheer luck walking 30 mins to the destination.


Google Maps (Source : Google)

Now imagine if we didn’t have any luxury to use the technology above. I’m sure we even didn’t know what places that are recently founded, what places that are recommended to visit, what should we expect, how to get to that places. Even if we know where to visit, we also need to bring a whole city maps to make us able to navigate. There is no doubt that technology has helped us so much in our life. Recently, I purchased power banks, but it’s not ordinary power banks. It is powered by solar energy. Yeah, solar energy. First, I didn’t believe that such a technology has existed. Okay, the usage of solar energy to power homes or generator isn’t new, but power banks? It is surely new. We can just hang it to our bags or carrier while we travel and it will be charged enough to be used later on. Life surely gets easier uh? With this technology advancement, I’m really excited what more will be revealed to us in the future. For now, we can just fully utilize the technology and makes our travel experience better than ever πŸ™‚


My Travel Equipment for my next trip πŸ™‚


[Next Trip] Pantai Sawarna / Sawarna Beach

*Baca perjalanan ke Sawarna di sini dan sini

*Rute perjalanan ke sawarna ada disini

Hey guys ! Setelah kemarin iseng jalan-jalan ke Telaga Biru Cigaru, weekend ini me and my friends gonna try going to Desa dan Pantai Sawarna. Yup, pantai yang menurut IDNtimes termasuk 15 pantai terindah di Indonesia. Pantai ini terletak di sebuah desa kecil di provinsi Banten. Disini terdapat pantai, bukit, goa dan it’s not going to be a long trip. Kami kesana cuma 2D1N dan dengan biaya seminimal mungkin. Rencana kami untuk sampai kesana adalah via Pelabuhan Ratu dimana pertama kami akan singgah ke Stasiun Bogor, lalu Terminal Baranang Siang dan Pelabuhan Ratu. Dari sana, naik ELF ke Sawarna kalau beruntung dapat rute direct kesana. Jika tidak, berarti harus singgah via Bayah.


Tanjung Layar

Disana we are planning to visit Pantai Pasir Putih Ciantir, Tanjung Layar, Lagoon Pari, Goa Lalay dan Kerang Teraje. Kami sih simply penasaran sebagus apa Sawarna itu sendiri dan hitung-hitung melepas penat juga dari skripsi haha ! That’s it for now ! Tunggu hasil eksplorasi kami pekan depan πŸ™‚


Pantai Sawarna

Exploring Telaga Biru Cigaru, Tangerang (Eng Ver.)


Hey guys ! On this occasion I would like to share with you one hidden place outskirts Jakarta. It’s called Telaga Biru Cigaru or Cigaru’s Blue Lake if you translate it literally. It is located in Cigaru Village, Cisoka, Tangerang. There’s no need for you to spend a whole day or days to reach this place, so it’s a good destination to refresh your mind out of the hectic of your routine life.


The Beauty of Telaga Biru Cigaru

From the story of local residents, this place is used to be for sand quarrying. The ex-sand quarrying place recently didn’t operate and was left behind and water began to fill in the place. The water filled in there turns into blue this last few months since the drought. The color of water is constantly changing. When we visited there on last Saturday, the water was turquoise. Β Even without editing, Telaga Biru Cigaru looks so awesome !

Because I’m not originally from Jakarta and don’t own any private cars, we have to find out how to reach there using public transportation. First, we have to reach TigaRaksa Station using Commuter Line. Ride the train going to Maja as it’s final destination and stops at Tiga Raksa Station.

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Menjelajahi Telaga Biru Cigaru, Tangerang

Hey What’s up guys ! Setelah berbulan-bulan tidak mengurus blog ini akhirnya saya memiliki sebuah pengalaman menarik untuk dibagikan. Yup ! Weekend ini saya berkesempatan untuk menjelajahi Telaga Biru Cigaru tepatnya di kampung Cigaru, Cisoka, Tangerang. Tidak perlu seharian atau berhari-hari untuk mencapai destinasi ini dari Jakarta, sangat pas untuk melepas penat sesaat dari kehidupan ibukota.


Indahnya Telaga Biru Cigaru

Menurut cerita warga sih tempat ini dulunya adalah bekas pengerukan pasir. Bekas galian pasir itu belakangan tidak berjalan lalu genangan air menutupi area galian tersebut. Nah genangan air itu berubah menjadi biru beberapa bulan terakhir sejak musim kemarau terjadi. Warna airnya juga berubah-ubah. Ketika saya kesana Sabtu kemarin, warna airnya biru kehijauan. Belum diedit aja warna nya sudah bagus begitu, apa lagi sudah diedit πŸ™‚

Nah karena saya sendiri anak perantauan dan cuma “numpang” hidup di Jakarta, harus memikirkan cara untuk sampai kesana tanpa menggunakan kendaraan pribadi. Untuk mencapai kesana menggunakan kendaraan umum gampang kok. Titik start kami sih di Binus, so first kami menuju Stasiun Palmerah lalu naik KRL jurusan Maja dan berhenti di Stasiun Tiga Raksa. KRL nya ambil yang jurusan terakhirnya Maja , jangan yang Parung Panjang atau Serpong karena ga akan nyampe ke TigaRaksa. Lama Perjalanan dari Palmerah ke Tigaraksa sih butuh 1,5 jam . Kereta paling pagi itu jam 7 dari Tanah Abang. Usahain pagi-pagi berangkatnya jadi agak adem disana.

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