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Almost 2 years staying in Jakarta

It’s has been 3 in the morning and suddenly get the urge to write. Scrolling Instagram and I’m just looking back to the past back in 2 years ago after graduated from high school. I’ve never expected I can change so much during this 2 years. Looking back I’m just a timid, childish, boring, unfaithful kind of boy and looking to now it’s like I’ve been a different person. I’m still remember back at high school I made a promise to myself I’ll never go in front and talk to people unless I need to be but now, hell yeah, talking in front of public is not as difficult as it seems to be. Haha

What I need to say is studying in Jakarta is priceless but of course you need to know what you’re doing, who you are going to be friend, what society and community you will join. If you choose it wrong, say goodbye to your youth, you’ll be in a wrong direction and staying alone in Jakarta can be harmful if you choose the wrong things.

These two years has been fantastic. Learning so much and gaining so much valuable experiences. Studying and staying out of your hometown can be challenging and wonderful at the same time. You gained so much freedom, you can do whatever you wanna do, but you learned how to manage yourself, how not to use that freedom in a wrong way. Sometimes, I’ve been using the freedom I got over-extended. Haha. I played so much and studied so little. Have to stop that habit as soon as possible. Maybe I’ve got a very good marks and GPA but GPA doesn’t reflect on what you really mastered and you really know. Getting marks and good GPA in my university is not so difficult. You can study 1 or 2 days before exams and yet you get good marks (for me it’s like that haha). But, I’m feeling that I’m lack the skill to apply it to the real world. I’ve been neglecting Cisco CCNA material for a while as this semester is full of projects, I can’t concentrate to study something outside the university courses 😦 .

Reflecting on these 2 years, I don’t have any regrets leaving my hometown to go to an adventure to the capital city of Indonesia. If I stayed in Medan, maybe I’ll never learn how to manage my own life, how to change myself for a better self. Yeah, High School isn’t my favourite moments of life. When everybody says that highschool is the best memory you’ll ever had, for me these two years beats the high school itself. Yeah, I had several sweet moments in highschool, but what I gained here is much more amazing. You’re forced to go out of your comfort zone and see the real life. What you’ve done will benefit you in the future.

I still had 2 years to go before going all out to the real harsh society, competing with millions of undergraduates seeking for employment. Hopefully I can make use the next 2 years to its fullest. I’m planning to learn Chinese (Mandarin) badly. Going for a language class in Taiwan for a year is not a bad idea 🙂 🙂 . Chinese (Mandarin) will be so useful in the future and yes I regret not studying it well in the past, but it’s not to late. Learning Chinese and passing my Cisco CCNA Certification will be my short goals for now. Holiday for 2 months between July till Sept, I’m planning to go back to Medan, maybe learning some new things, creating and finishing some self projects and yeah learning intensive Chinese. Wish me luck and yeah I’m really satisfy with my life as for now. Feeling so grateful for the supports of my parents, family and friends. I met so much good friends here that I can refer to my second family in Jakarta. It’s pretty cool. For everyone who has just graduated from high school, I recommend leaving your hometown and seek for an adventure by yourself. You never know what you’re going to find there and for sure your life will be never be as fantastic as it will be.

Andryan VT – currently an Undergraduate in Binus University, escaping to Jakarta to change his life,

learn new amazing things and make a bunch of amazing friends