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[Jakarta – Malang – Banyuwangi – Ijen Crater – Bali] Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 Day 3 Pandawa Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Blue Point Beach, and Uluwatu, Bali

After a highly recommended adventure in Banyuwangi and Ijen Crater, we finally reached Bali on 28th Dec. There was nothing to do on the 28th as we arrived at 9pm and we took a rest soon afterwards. On the 29th, we didn’t plan to catch sunrise at all as we were lacking a proper sleep so we sleep till 7am. Soon after waking up, we swam for a little while in the villa.


Private Swimming Pool !

At 11am, we departed from our villa directly to Pandawa Beach. At first, we didn’t know where to go and we didn’t plan at all. We planned to consult with the driver as he supposed to know better than us. Unfortunately, the driver was not as expert as we were expecting to be so we told him to bring us to the destination near us. So, we went to Pandawa Beach first. The sun was insanely hot. It’s good for tourists from Europe or Australia but unfortunately not for me. I had a fair skin and with this, I’m turning literally dark. We bought sunglasses and took a bunch of pictures ( Indonesians really love to take pictures !  )



We arrived at Pandawa Beach !

After Pandawa Beach ( which we only took pictures as the sun was really mad ), we went to Padang Padang Beach. The beach here is literally beautiful to swim, surf or to tan ourselves. This place is really photogenic. There were so many Caucasians here than Indonesians.

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