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Journey to Taiwan – Part 2 (15th April 2014)

Day 2 in Taiwan!!! ( Actually I’ve written this post this afternoon but dunno why when published, it became a blank page so I’ve to start all over :(, but it’s alrite haha)

After an amazing first day, I suddenly felt so anxious about second day. Second day will be awesome cause we will go back to Hualien. The center of Tzu Chi and the origin of  Tzu Chi. Besides the anxiety, we were a bit late in the dawn and fortunately we could catch the bullet train just in time. Haha. Bullet Train from Taipei to Hualien takes approximately two and half hours.


In the train, I basically slept lol but upon arrival in Hualien, the scenery is just FABULOUS. You felt like you are one with nature. The beautiful of the scenery just can’t be describe by words.

Scenery upon arrival in Hualien

Scenery upon arrival in Hualien

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