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Exploring Telaga Biru Cigaru, Tangerang (Eng Ver.)


Hey guys ! On this occasion I would like to share with you one hidden place outskirts Jakarta. It’s called Telaga Biru Cigaru or Cigaru’s Blue Lake if you translate it literally. It is located in Cigaru Village, Cisoka, Tangerang. There’s no need for you to spend a whole day or days to reach this place, so it’s a good destination to refresh your mind out of the hectic of your routine life.


The Beauty of Telaga Biru Cigaru

From the story of local residents, this place is used to be for sand quarrying. The ex-sand quarrying place recently didn’t operate and was left behind and water began to fill in the place. The water filled in there turns into blue this last few months since the drought. The color of water is constantly changing. When we visited there on last Saturday, the water was turquoise. ¬†Even without editing, Telaga Biru Cigaru looks so awesome !

Because I’m not originally from Jakarta and don’t own any private cars, we have to find out how to reach there using public transportation. First, we have to reach TigaRaksa Station using Commuter Line. Ride the train going to Maja as it’s final destination and stops at Tiga Raksa Station.

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