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2014 Tzu Ching’s Volunteers Camp in Hualien

Hello Everybody! Can’t imagine 2014 has been over and now we are facing 2015. In the end of 2014, I had an opportunity to join Tzu Ching’s Volunteers Camp in Hualien. First, it is supposed to be Tzu Ching International Camp but because of Ebola outbreak, the Camp was cancelled and by request we was fortunately granted a really rare chance to be volunteers in Jing Si Abode and Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien. Before I went there, I’m kind of low spirited, thinking like “omg, it’s just another boring week there, waking up so early and have to follow strict rules etc”, but since I got there for the first time till the end, it was impressive and different from what I thought. It was not boring at all, although we have to wake up early at 3.50, but it doesn’t feel as torturing as I wake up for study. Lol.

So here’s the summary of what I gained for the 2 weeks in Jing Si Abode

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