Journey to Sapo Juma – North Sumatra

Hey Ho ! Long Time No See!

This time, I brought to you one hidden pearl in North Sumatra that hasn’t been discovered by others. It is called Sapo Juma. Sapo Juma is actually used to be a camping site near Tongging, North Sumatra that give a remarkable view of Lake Toba, one of the most iconic lake in Indonesia and the world. But now, it has been built as guest houses / homestay surrounded beautiful flower gardens and of course giving stunning view of Lake Toba. What’s more fulfilling than waking up and finding a dazzling view of Lake Toba right in front of your front door?

Lake Toba View from Sapo Juma

Lake Toba View from Sapo Juma

Sapo Juma is located near Tongging, North Sumatra, around 3-4 hrs drive from Medan, Capital City of North Sumatra. It is also located near Sipiso-Piso Waterfall, one of the tallest waterfall in Indonesia.

All of the pictures uploaded in this post is unfiltered and unedited to give you the most accurate view possible. Although from what I can say is the photos only covered about 30% of the real beauty that you can see with your own eyes.

Beautiful and Eye-Pleasing View

There are 3 main things you can enjoy while visiting Sapo Juma:

  • Stunning View of Lake Toba
  • Dazzling Displays of Flower Gardens
  • Coziness of the Resort / Guest Houses

Let me get you straight to why Sapo Juma is one of the perfect place to admire the beauty of Lake Toba. If you are looking to enjoy Lake Toba while relaxing on chilly and relaxing location, then this is the place. The weather is breezy and chilly, and the temperature I got there is as low as 16 degree Celcius. Prepare your warm jackets or hoodies to keep you warm during the night !

Hot Coffee while Enjoying the Lake Toba?

Hot Coffee while Enjoying the Lake Toba? Why Not !

Splendid View !

Splendid View !

Besides Lake Toba, the guest houses owners really make sure to properly take care of the flower gardens located near the guest houses. There are dozen varieties of flowers you could take pictures of and awaken your inner-narcissism. (HAHA). The entrance fee to this flower garden is super affordable, only IDR 10K/person and you could take as much pictures as you want to fill up your Instagram Page !


Delighted to be able to play in such a beautiful garden!


During the night, the guest houses are also comfortable and cozy. They offer dinner with an affordable price and you can hangout and spend the night in a well-designed dining place. There are also a center stage if you want to have fun with your friends and families!


Dining Place



Dinner with Lake Toba as a view?

Affordable Price and Food

One of the concern of travelling is of course the cost of the accommodation and foods. The home stays only cost around IDR 450K / night with additional IDR 120K for an extra bed. 1 room is suited for 2 person. While the rooms are cheap, the foods are also cheap. A cup of Arabica Coffee only costs around IDR 15K !

Overall experience is great. The only downside right now is there is still no direct electricity from government, so the electricity is limited and generally supplied by diesel generator. The electricity is turned on starts from 6PM up to 00.00 AM. But, I assume that this is only temporary until the electricity grid is built towards the guest houses. On the other end, the toilets or bathrooms are shared, so no in-room toilets/bathrooms.


Sapo Juma is a great hidden place to enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Toba while enjoying the chilly weather of Karo. The garden flowers are well tended, so it can be really enjoyable taking great pictures / selfies with flowers all around. The Sapo Juma homestay / guest houses are comfortable enough and cozy, also affordable. The only downside is electricity and shared bathrooms.


Contact Person and Reservation

While visiting Sapo Juma, you can also visit nearby tourism destination, such as:

  • Sipiso-Piso Waterfall
  • Brastagi
  • Taman Simalem Resort

Until Next Time !

So until next time !

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