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Few months not managing this blog and after finishing my university studies, I decided to go back to my hometown, staying few months waiting for my graduation ceremony or job opportunity depends on which come first. While enjoying my long-awaiting holiday, I suddenly become curious to create website. Although I majored in IT, I spent almost all my studies in Networking field so no chance to learn how to create a functional website. For starters, I decided to purchase a domain and hosting. I didn’t choose a top level domain as it would be too expensive so I purchased a small, unknown domain .xyz and named it ( pretty straight-forward isn’t it? ). Without a well-prepared coding skills, I decided to use wordpress as a CMS (Content Management System) and create a subdomain to build a small website for my private usage. I also tried to build a website to showcase who I am and what I could do. You can access it at . Though it’s pretty simple, it has provided me what I really needed although some customization may be needed in the future. I also planned to create a different sub-domains to try creating a e-commerce store.

After a few weeks tweaking with a self-hosted wordpress, I felt a much more freedom of customizing sites compared with hosting it freely in Although you have so much more to learn, there are so many plugins that can assist you and help you achieve what you want. And from that point of view, I thinking of moving my blog hosted in to self-hosted wordpress. Hours of tweaking and trying to move contents and media to the self-hosted wordpress, even I have begun private-ing posts in older sites, I can’t get the site looked as what I imagined it would be. After thinking a few hours, I realized I have been so careless in the past. I didn’t resize and reduce my media files before uploading and inserting to the blog. As the result, the media size reached 800mb just for a small amounts of images. I only got 500mb hosting size. Oh well ! The only solution that I could think is re-upload the image file one by one which I won’t do it right now. It’s too troublesome ! Lol. So I really learn an experience in a really hard way.


So in the meantime, I will stick to this until I thought a better solution before making another attempt to move to For content of this blog, I haven’t got a great topic to write about so I’ll try to find one ! For now, sayonara !


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