Daily Archives: May 17, 2016

Self-hosted WordPress


wordpress.com or wordpress.org ?

Few months not managing this blog and after finishing my university studies, I decided to go back to my hometown, staying few months waiting for my graduation ceremony or job opportunity depends on which come first. While enjoying my long-awaiting holiday, I suddenly become curious to create website. Although I majored in IT, I spent almost all my studies in Networking field so no chance to learn how to create a functional website. For starters, I decided to purchase a domain and hosting. I didn’t choose a top level domain as it would be too expensive so I purchased a small, unknown domain .xyz and named it andryanvt.xyz ( pretty straight-forward isn’t it? ). Without a well-prepared coding skills, I decided to use wordpress as a CMS (Content Management System) and create a subdomain to build a small website for my private usage. I also tried to build a website to showcase who I am and what I could do. You can access it at cv.andryanvt.xyz . Though it’s pretty simple, it has provided me what I really needed although some customization may be needed in the future. I also planned to create a different sub-domains to try creating a e-commerce store.

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