Exploring Telaga Biru Cigaru, Tangerang (Eng Ver.)


Hey guys ! On this occasion I would like to share with you one hidden place outskirts Jakarta. It’s called Telaga Biru Cigaru or Cigaru’s Blue Lake if you translate it literally. It is located in Cigaru Village, Cisoka, Tangerang. There’s no need for you to spend a whole day or days to reach this place, so it’s a good destination to refresh your mind out of the hectic of your routine life.


The Beauty of Telaga Biru Cigaru

From the story of local residents, this place is used to be for sand quarrying. The ex-sand quarrying place recently didn’t operate and was left behind and water began to fill in the place. The water filled in there turns into blue this last few months since the drought. The color of water is constantly changing. When we visited there on last Saturday, the water was turquoise. Β Even without editing, Telaga Biru Cigaru looks so awesome !

Because I’m not originally from Jakarta and don’t own any private cars, we have to find out how to reach there using public transportation. First, we have to reach TigaRaksa Station using Commuter Line. Ride the train going to Maja as it’s final destination and stops at Tiga Raksa Station.


Stasiun Tiga Raksa yang lagi direnovasi

After arriving to Tiga Raksa Station, there are two alternatives to reach Telaga Biru Cigaru. First, you can make use of “Ojek” or motobike standby-ing infront of the station to go directly to Telaga Biru. The distance between the station to Telaga Biru is approx. 13-15 km and you have to negotiate well for the price. The second alternative is using another public transportation called “Angkot” or “Mikrolet” going to Adiyaksa. From Tiga Raksa Station, turn left and find this place



Find this place in the left of the station

Go on through that place and after seeing a portal, turn left and find Indomaret. Across Indomaret, there are many white-green Angkot stand by-ing. Tell the driver that you want to go to SMPN 1 Cisoka. We have to reach SMPN1 Cisoka before going to Telaga Biru


Angkot Route going to SMPN 1 Cisoka

Your Angkot won’t stop in front of SMPN 1 Cisoka. He will stop in T-junction before SMPN 1 Cisoka (see the map). You can ask the driver to remind you where you have to get off. The cost of the Angkot is IDR 6000. From the T-junction, you have another two alternatives. First is using Ojek or motobike which will not cost as much as if you start from the Station. The second alternative is you can directly walk from there to Telaga Biru for another 30 mins (approx 2,6 km according to Google Maps)


Walking Route From T-Junction to Telaga Biru Cigaru

Arriving to Telaga Biru, we will ask to pay IDR 2000 as an entrance fee that will help to develop locals. There you will witness how beautiful Telaga Biru is. The most important thing is don’t litter, be careful and stay humble ! Bring umbrellas as rainy season is coming near and don’t forget to take a lot of selfies and share this wonderful place to the others ! Here is a sneak peek of the beauty of Telaga Biru Cigaru πŸ™‚


Don’t forget to always keep clean the environment !



Numpang Exist :)


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  1. Would love to check this place out when I travel to Indonesia again πŸ™‚


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