2014 Tzu Ching’s Volunteers Camp in Hualien

Hello Everybody! Can’t imagine 2014 has been over and now we are facing 2015. In the end of 2014, I had an opportunity to join Tzu Ching’s Volunteers Camp in Hualien. First, it is supposed to be Tzu Ching International Camp but because of Ebola outbreak, the Camp was cancelled and by request we was fortunately granted a really rare chance to be volunteers in Jing Si Abode and Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien. Before I went there, I’m kind of low spirited, thinking like “omg, it’s just another boring week there, waking up so early and have to follow strict rules etc”, but since I got there for the first time till the end, it was impressive and different from what I thought. It was not boring at all, although we have to wake up early at 3.50, but it doesn’t feel as torturing as I wake up for study. Lol.

So here’s the summary of what I gained for the 2 weeks in Jing Si Abode

On the first day we got there, we were really excited to do something. The Shifu there brought us to the farm to plant and cultivate. I held the hoe and sickle for the first time in my life there. Haha ! The other day, I went to the farm to harvest some plants and vegetables. It’s kind of exciting yet felt nervous cause It’s the first time you ever harvest something and there are different ways to harvest each of the plants. We also got a chance to clean part of the Jing Si Abode and volunteers rooms.

IMG20141218143911 IMG20141219135052 IMG20141221154618 IMG20141221155848


On the 23rd, we visit Jing Si Tang Hualien and Tzu Chi University. Some Hualien Tzu Chi Volunteers took us for a tour for sightseeing and learn something. We also got a chance to know more about Silent Mentor. Silent Mentors are ones that willingly donate their dead bodies for the purpose of education and medical simulation so the soon-to-be doctors can feel the real thing about surgery and the real thing of human body. It really is a noble thing to do

On 24th to 26th, we became Tzu Chi Hualien Hospital volunteers. There, we were divided into several departments. I got into the Cancer Department. At first, I thought it gonna be gross cause I can’t stand anything that is smelly and dirty but when I went there, it was really clean and the patients seems like they are not sick at all. Although some are immobile and was using medical equipments, I felt really comfortable and can stand it. There, I helped Shi Gu that were also volunteering there. Because my Mandarin is not good, I can’t really communicate with the patients except there is one from Medan, Indonesia, my hometown. The others, I just followed the Shigu giving care and love to the patients. If only I mastered Mandarin, I can communicate with the patients well and help them relieving their sufferings.

IMG20141225091248 IMG20141226125121

The last three days before departing to Taipei, we got a chance to prepare and wrap up Jing Si Instant Rice as an aid relief for floods in Malaysia and Indonesia. We worked from Morning till Night to prepare for the aids. It was truly a rare chance.


IMG20141227095158 IMG20141228200153 IMG20141227171031


Beside all the volunteerings, for me, this Camp I learned so much from the Shifu(s). They are all so hardworking and really using all their time so well. There are not even seconds wasted. Maybe we like to think that we will finish this job tomorrow, but there, everyone is so hardworking and every jobs are finished right that day, not delaying any jobs for later.

The most luckiest thing ever is that we got to meet Master Cheng Yen in person. Master Cheng Yen also gave us Fo Zhu for the ones who haven’t received it yet. It was really an honor.

I got to meet some new Tzu Ching also from Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, America. They all are really kind and fun ! Miss them all already! Hopefully we can meet up on this end year International Camp 🙂


That summarize all the my experiences in Hualien, Taiwan. Being a volunteer in Jing Si Abode is awesome, learning so many things and gain so many life experiences. Hopefully there will be another chance for me to learn there. Thankyou everyone and Gan En !


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