Celebrating Indonesia 69th Independence Day in the Orphanage

Happy Independence Day Indonesia !! This is a very proud day as an Indonesian.

On this special occasion, my family, family’s friends from one of the social organization and I decided to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day in one of the Orphanage in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s called Panti Asuhan Terima Kasih Abadi.

Panti Asuhan Terima Kasih Abadi

Panti Asuhan Terima Kasih Abadi

Happiness is not an happiness if we can’t share it with others. Early in the morning we gathered in one of volunteer’s house. After that we went straight to the orphanage. We were great in number, a total of 10 cars are used to go to the orphanage. ( Although not all of them was full >< ). Upon arrival, we prepared all the stuffs needed on that day. We were going to have some fun with the kids and of course with the volunteers itself. We made this activities ourselves, not behalf the name of one of the social organization. 🙂  We blew some balloons, marking the fields with chalks, briefing with the so-called team leaders (These team leaders will lead 10 or more kids, I called it so-called team leaders as we were formed on that day and we knew the games on that day too ! I also didn’t know what to do after being made a team leaders lol ).

Getting know the kids

Getting know the kids

After forming the leaders, we were assigned 10 – 15 kids each team. The “kids” ranged from the toddlers till the teenagers. After being made a team leader, I swear I didn’t know what to do but I was really trying hard to shove off the awkwardness. I tried to know each of them personally and tried to dig as much as I need to know. The kids were really nice. When the MC asked them “Apa kabar???? (means How are you?) “, they replied as loudly as they could “Luar Biasa, YES YES YES ( means AWESOME!! YES YES YES)”. We were really surprised. OMG they were really in sync. 🙂 and finally, it was time for GAMES !


The first game was an easy one. We were playing relay match but what unique was they need to hold balloons in each of their armpits and one between their legs. They need to run to the other side of the field and come back to the starting point and gave the balloons to the next runners. Ah unfortunately we didn’t win 😦

The first Game!

The first Game!



Next game was really funny. There was a nail that tied with a rope and was bound in the waist. The nail itself was hung in between their legs. They need to run to the other side of the field and then dance three times quickly and tried to insert the nail to a “coca cola” glass bottle without their hands. We won the third place !


After that we played an evil game. There were plates that have been filled with flours. Inside the flour, there were three hidden coins. The quest for each of the team was they need to choose three people to play a relay. They need to run to the plates and using ONLY their face, they need to find the hidden coin one by one. HAHA ! Their faces were covered in flour. Lol ! 



Next we played a different game. Each team was represented by two couples. In each couples, one will carry the other, then both of them will hold a spoon in their mouth. There will be one marble placed on each of the spoon. Their objective was they need to run to the other side of the field, back to the starting point, changed couple, run back to the other side of the field and run back to the starting point and the most important part was the marbles were prohibited to fall to the ground unless they will forced to go back to the starting point and start over. It was a difficult race.




The next game was a “supposedly” most difficult game among the others. BUT ! BUT ! They cheated so well. Lol. Each team was represented with one person and his eyes was covered with cloth and that person need to run blindly to the other side of the field and using a needle given to each of them, they need to burst a water balloon that represent their teams.. Unfortunately the clothes were semi-transparent 😦 They CHEATED !!!! Haha. They had a vision of the field and run straight to their balloons. Therefore, the result was invalid !


The final game was incredibly awesome. We did it indoor. Each team was represented with two people. One person will do a make up for another person BUT the person’s eye who will do a makeup will be covered with cloth. They will blindly did a makeup for another person, the one with the most neatest and the most beautiful one will win the game. We laughed so much because of that.


It was finally the end of the games. It was really tiring. We had our lunch after that :). After lunch we had our farewell ceremony. We sang our national songs (not national anthem) to celebrate our country Independence Day.  🙂 Then we celebrate this month people birthday’s party. It was a really really touching moment. The chance to share this happiness with others, the smiles that popped out in each of the kids and the volunteers were priceless. In the end, it was a rare chance to celebrate Independence Day in the orphanage 🙂 There also some amount of money that was donated for the development of the orphanage. Surprisingly, in the end we sang “Satu Keluarga” (means One Family) and one of the kids knew the song and leads us to sing along . We also did a hand language along with the song. Finally they sang “Sayonara” to end the visit. As they sang the song, they shook hands with each of us. It was a touching moment as some of the kids cried and some of the volunteers also shed tears. Finally, thanks God for giving us the chance to have this rare occasion. In the end, Happy Independence Day and may God bless our country and its men ! 🙂

Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day

Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day


Celebrating Birthday

Celebrating Birthday

Happy Independence Day Indonesia !

Happy Independence Day Indonesia !

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  1. kunjungi juga tjong a fie medan, dijamin bakalan seru


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