Journey to Sabang – Day 2

28 July 2014

Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
but baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard
say no more counting dollars we will be counting stars
yeahhh, we will be counting stars

The music of Counting Stars – One Republic started my second day in Sabang. We won’t counting dollars today, we will count how much more of Sabang we could see :p

We woke up at 5am patiently waiting for sunrise. After washing up, we ran to the beach behind our hotel. The sunrise started at 6am and it was good 🙂 We took some pictures, played in the beach, throwing rocks and basically killing time. Unfortunately, the beach is not perfect for swimming cause there are so many rocks and the seabed is steep. The morning was spent on the beach behind our hotel.


Sunrise in Pantai Sumur TIga (Sumur Tiga Beach)



On 11 am, we started our journey to tour around Sabang. Our first stop was a Japanese Fortress (benteng Jepang). The view from there was awesome.

On the way to Japanese Fortress

On the way to Japanese Fortress

The Japanese Bunker / Fortress

The Japanese Bunker / Fortress

View from the top of the Bunker / Fortress

View from the top of the Bunker / Fortress

Another View

Another View

We had our lunch at Pantai Anoi Hitam (Anoi Hitam Beach). Maybe it’s called Anoi Hitam ( Black Anoi) because the sand is blackish not white-ish. I dunno why

Pantai Anoi Hitam (Anoi Hitam Beach)

Pantai Anoi Hitam (Anoi Hitam Beach)

After lunch we stopped at one place called Cot Siketung. It’s simply like a resting place with a marvelous views. There we could see how beautiful the sea in Sabang is. I took some panorama pictures, some Ultra-HD Picture. It was simply marvelous and couldn’t be described with words.

Ultimately Beautiful

Ultimately Beautiful



Next, we made it to Pantai Pasir Putih or White Sand Beach if you literally translated it to English. The sand is really soft like powder and the view is again amazing. The color of the sea just like divided into 3 or 4 parts from the clear one, light green, light blue and finally dark blue. With the perfect combination of beautiful sea and soft sands, the beach is perfect 🙂

Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach)

Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach)



Final destination, we stopped at Kilometer 0 Indonesia or Indonesia’s Zero Kilometer. It the most west part you could possibly step in Indonesia in person by foot. There is monument that symbolized the Zero Kilometer of Indonesia. Upon arrival in the KM 0 Indonesia, you could ask to be printed a certificate that show that you have officially recognized having visited the most west part on Indonesia once. Maybe if you have the chance, you could visit Merauke and get the most east certificate :p


Satisfied after visiting so much place, we took a rest and had our dinner in one of the cafe in the town. It was a really satisfying day after witnessing so much beauty of nature God provided for us. Indonesia is really blessed with the beauty of nature but unluckily the government doesn’t really build the facilities that can attract either domestic or international tourists. Hopefully in the future, the government can build the facilities and accommodation that will make tourists comfortable and interested. Indonesia is such a beautiful rich country but it is a shame that none of the potential tourism objects really stands out except Bali. We could benefit much from our tourism if every potential tourism objects are constructed and facilitate well. We doesn’t lack any, our beaches and scenery could be more beautiful than Maldives, Hawaii, and other famous places. Just take a look at Sabang, Raja Ampat, Bunaken that don’t lack any. Hopefully in the future the government will pay more attention for tourism and we as Indonesians could be proud to announce to the world that we have all the most beautiful places in the world !


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