Journey to Sabang Part 1 (Medan – Bireun – Banda Aceh – Sabang – Iboih Island – Rubiah Island)

Journey to Sabang Part 1 (Medan – Bireun – Banda Aceh – Sabang – Iboih Island – Rubiah Island)
26 and 27 July 2014

What’s up guys! Haven’t been able to update this blog for a while. But after 1 month, I got some amazing things to share !
In fact, I’m now on vacation and I got an opportunity to visit the most west part of Indonesia. Yeah the most WEST part of Indonesia. It is Sabang, Indonesia.
Sabang is one of the city in Banda Aceh Province located in most top and west of Sumatra Island. Sabang is famous for its marine and beautiful scenery of aquamarine. I’m curious at first and now I’m ready to prove it right!

Ready to start our journey to Sabang

Ready to start our journey to Sabang


We were ready to depart at 8.00 pm from Medan. We chose to head for Aceh via travel bus. The journey took about 12 hours from Medan to Banda Aceh. We spent our first night in our lovely cold bus. We took some bus rest in Bireun. We basically took our “Sahur” there although we are non-moslem :p The martabaks (food that made from eggs and vegs) were awesome. After our small snacks, we continued our journey to Banda Aceh.

We arrived at Banda Aceh on 8.30 am and right after that we took our ferries. Finally we set to depart to Sabang! It’s sea !!! Woohooo ! It has been so long since I cross the sea :p. This time after seeing an amazing scenery in the harbour, I can’t wait to arrive in Sabang 🙂 🙂 The ferry took about an hour to finally reach Sabang.

Hello Sabang !

Hello Sabang !

After arriving in Sabang, we went to our hotel and checked in. We took some rest there. The journey from Medan has been tiring yet we feel anxious to really start our adventure. Actually on our first day we are supposed to sightsee around Sabang and relax but because the second day of our journey is E’id al Mubarak and the beaches will be closed during that day, we changed our schedule and made it so that we will spend our first day in the beaches, snorkelling and maybe diving for the one who has the courage to do it. Unfortunately I can’t do any diving so I choose to snorkell instead.

The port in Sabang

The port in Sabang

After lunch, we went to Pulau Iboih (Iboih Island) to get our snorkelling kits.

Iboih Island

Iboih Island


Another side of Iboih Island

Then we were transffered to Pulau Rubiah (Rubiah Island). Major activities of snorkelling and diving are conjured around Rubiah Island. I really can’t wait to place my first step in the sea water and then dive in there. We bought some boiled instant noodles to feed the fish. The fish is surprisingly beautiful. I found red, blue, yellow, green, black, purple and rainbow colored fish. There also some “bulu babi” that can injure us severely. Some people got hurt because of that f*cking little creature (lol). Imagine you step right into hedgehodgeS. It is f*cking hurt and the needle f*cking stay in your feet. To heal it, you should use vinegar and pour it to the area that are affected by it. The needle will bent and come out pretty easily. Beside that, I simply in awe by the scenery. How can it be so so so beautiful and seeing it firsthand seems more beautiful than in pictures. Hehe. Fortunately I got my new smartphone that is perfect to capture the scenery 🙂 🙂 :). After two or three hours spending our afternoon there, we went back to Iboih Island. We rinsed ourselves at Iboih Island but we have to queue long just to take a bath. I decided to take a bath in the nearest Mosque there and omg in the Mosque, we need to bail out the water by ourself in a very traditional way. It was such a rare experience HAHA !

On the way to Rubiah Island !

On the way to Rubiah Island !


Rubiah Island

Panoramic view of Rubiah Island!

Panoramic view of Rubiah Island!

After rinsing ourselves clean, we went to the city to have our dinner. The famous dishes there are Mie Kocok (Kocok Noodle), Mie Sedap (Sedap Noodle or Delicous Noodle if you translate literally to English), Martabak and Satay Gurita (Octopus Satay).


Mie Kocok (Kocok Noodle)

In the end, we went back to hotel and partying right in the beach behind the hotel. We lighted up firecamp, fireworks and searched for crabs. The crabs are suprisingly large and fast. It was a fine first day in Sabang and Banda Aceh. The nature, the scenery was good but it lacked in the facilities provided. You won’t find some luxurious hotels like in Bali or Maldives. You won’t get fine signals everywhere in the town. You have to search for Wifi to be able to access internet. That’s why I’ve been able to post this blogpost after I finished my journey :p. Although the facilites and accomodations are lacking in every areas, this place is worth your time. The sea and the beaches are superb. The scenery is amazing and the sea creatures are beautiful. The price is also economical :). Two thumbs up !


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  1. mantap gan perjalanan ke sabang nya


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