Freedom is Expensive #Writing101

Assignment Day 13 : Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something. For your twist, view day four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series.


Life has never been good for Sarah.  It’s like her life is not her own. She has no right in her own life. Sad isn’t it? How can someone live life that she can’t even control on her own.  Sarah is one of the clone that produce for sole purpose, the human experiment for bio weapon. For her whole life, she’s seized in one of the military grade laboratory. There’s no way she could escape on her own. She could only dreamed of being able to see outside world, living in freedom and start “living”.

Someone said that life is full of miracles. Life is also a miracle. Sarah finally got her chance to see the outer world for the first time. She was given mission to assassinate the head of the country. At first, she never cared about the assassination. What she really cared is the chance for being able to witness the beauty of the world, what she really dreamed about. She planned to flee after the assassination.

Sarah is one brilliant result of the human experiment of the bioweaponry. She accomplished her mission in no time. Finally it’s time for her to carry her own plan. She’s prepared to flee and had her own freedom. She never realized what consequences she will get if she abandon her roles. In fact, in her body, the scientists have planted a chip that will self-destruct if Sarah is not behaving like what she’s told. In one click, Sarah ended her own life, simply to seek the freedom she’s really seeking to. Freedom really is expensive….


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