Love is Complicated #Writing101

Day 12 Assignment : Today, write a post with roots in a real-world conversation. For a twist, include foreshadowing.

Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Reminder : This story is FICTIONAL.

Everyday Sexism extract 2

Love has never been easy.  You won’t realized you have fallen to the right one until she really left you. This is the story of love from 3 people. Yeah three best friends. One named Flora accompanied by two gentlemen named Sam and Ben.  Three of them have been spending time much in their university life. Wonder why, they really seems to understand each other  and no one single day really went without three of them getting together. But yeah, love is blossomed when the time never seems right enough.

Ben has been feeling weird this recent month toward Flora. He’s like really enjoying being near Flora. It seems that he’s so comfortable with her. In fact, when three of them hanging out together, he’s focusing more to Flora. Of course, Sam is also his best friend but the feeling towards Flora never gets this strong. He’s confused yet afraid to tell Sam about it. He’s afraid that if he tells the truth, their friendship will crumble and things never stay same anymore. He’s afraid of change. Three of them is inseparable.  He’s been in doubt. After all the thought, he finally decided to tell his best friend Sam about it.

“Hey Sam, I really need to tell you something”

“What’s wrong man? You never have been this serious. Haha. Easy bro, I’ll hear you out”

Ben then tell the whole story to Sam. While telling the story, Ben has carefully watching the expression Sam’s made. He’s scared Sam will be in shock. Surprised, Sam listened to Ben in awe. After Ben finished his story, Sam stopped and thinking so hard. Ben is really worried right now, Sam has never been like this before. Ben knows that Sam is a straight-forward person, he will lashed out everything after Sam has listened him, but his silence has left Ben speechless. Then Sam told this magic sentence.

“Like finally ! I have been observing both of you like forever and as your and Flora’s Best friend, I absolutely know what’s going on between you two. Both of you can’t never hide something to me haha ! Hey bro, I also felt like Flora has that something towards you. You have my permission bro. Things will stay the same between three of us except yeah both of you are lovers and me are the only loner. Haha. But I’m happy for you guys. From the start I know that you two suit each other”, replied Sam with sincere

Flora and Ben

Flora and Ben

After hearing this, Ben felt like the burden that pressuring him this whole months suddenly disappear. With teary eyes, he hugs Sam and thanked his best friend. “You really are my best friend, you know what I’m going through and you really understand how I feel”

Love is complicated huh?


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