Favorite Childhood Meal #Writing101

Day 10 : Tell us about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

For today’s post, I’ve been confused of what meal I should write. There’s so much delicious food that came from my hometown, Medan. Yeah, Medan is one of the culinary city in Indonesia. Everything seems so delicious here slurrp. When I go back to my hometown later on July, I will make some blog post of the most famous food in Medan. Sooo, stay tunee !!!

Back to the topic, I have one in mind my favorite childhood meal, but I don’t know what are they called in English so I’ve been investigating a little bit. I found one phrase that nearly symbolized the meal. It’s Tofu Skin Soup. (I don’t know what they called but in my family we called it “Hu Tek Theng” or in Medanese Hokkien we called it “Tek Gia Ki”). It is so delicious that I’m carving so much right now. It has been months since I went back to my hometown 😦 . How can I describe the taste? Hmm, It’s salty, a lil bit sweet, melts in your mouth. Words can’t describe it’s taste..The Tofu Skin Soup can be cooked in 2 different ways. First is the Tofu Skin is boiled with soup and the second is the Tofu Skin is fried first then boiled with soup.


Tofu Skin Soup

Tofu Skin Soup

Fried Tofu Skin Soup

Fried Tofu Skin Soup

Beside  soup, there is another way to enjoy Tofu Skin. My Mom has been the best cook in decades :p She cooked Tofu Skin with Tauco. It tasted spicy, salty and of course delicious. You know how Indonesians cooked their meal right? Take a look at Rendang, the most delicious food in the world. Indonesians really know how to use the spices to add flavour in the food 🙂

Here’s is the Tofu Skin with Tauco

Tofu Skin Soup with Tauco

Oh god, I really missed this kind of food. Can’t wait to share more delicious food in my hometown, soooooooo stay tune !!!!





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  1. I need this NOW!!! You are so evil to post this and I can’t have any. Hrmph. 🙂
    Much Respect
    Ronovan (The Hungry Foodie)


    • Haha !!! You can try cooking it :p Wonder how it tasted though :p


      • There are some things you just don’t try to cook yourself. You just can’t capture something like this especially if it meant that much to you to write about it. I know it would be impossible to do it justice.


      • Then how about you visited Indonesia and I will serve you these 😀 😀 😀 😀 It’s delicous for sure :p


      • I would sooooo love that. I am a historian and foodie and writer. My dream would be to visit everywhere and learn everything. 😀 And taste everything. I have no fear of food. 😀 As long as it doesn’t look at me as I eat it.


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