Beautiful in Distinction #Writing101

Day 7 Assignment : Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue

The world is beautiful because there are many different things to be admired. Can you imagine everything in this world has a same beauty? – Andryan VT


“I can’t ever stop thinking how she is so different from me, I mean we are twins,  identical twins but OMG she’s so annoying, how can’t she ever understand me?”,lashed  Tina to her bestfriend, Jessica. 

Things have been really difficult for us, me and Tini, my identical twin. We quarrel a lot, fight a lot, always because of silly reasons.  Once, she gave me quite a lecture in front of my friends. Imagine how embarrassed you are being treated like that in front of your friends.  I don’t know how to understand the way she thinks. I’m a kind of introvert person, shy and polite, never wanted to start a show. I loved being by myself. Making friends hasn’t been an easy thing for me, fortunately I met Jessica, my only best friend who I can share with. But for Tini, she’s like a completely 180 degrees version of me. She has everything I dreamed about, everything I wish I could have been. She is an easy going person, sociable and fun. She can easily make new friends, everyday going out with friends and it’s like she can do whatever she wants. She’s like a bird flying freely across the sky, while me? I’m like a bird caught in a cage.

“How can she make fun of me in front of my friends? Can’t she think about my feelings more?”, yelled me to my best friend, Jessica.

“I know how you feel, but maybe she didn’t have the intention to make fun of you. You know, she cared about you more than you ever know.”, said Jessica calming me.

“She never cared about me. All she did everyday is going out with her friends, leaving me behind and had her own fun, she never took care of me”, said me with teary eyes.

“Tina, just listen to me. Tini has been worrying about you lately. She wants you to make more friends, enjoying your youth and have fun. She is worried because she knows you are shy when meeting new friends. She never intended to make fun in front of your friends. She wants you to be closer with your friends. Maybe that doesn’t suit you”, explained Jessica

” *sob* *sob*, did she….?”,  said Tina while crying.

“Yeah, can you imagine if both of you had a same personality. Both of you are shy and introvert. Everyday both of you lock yourself in the room, playing and talking only with each other.  Will you enjoy that kind of life?”, asked Jessica

“hmmm… *sob*”, moans Tina while glaring to Jessica

“Because both of you had a different kind of personalities, both of you can complete each other. you can learn from each other. While Tini can introduce you to her new friends, you can limit Tini in how far she can go with her friends so she won’t do anything harmful for her future”, said Jessica

“Hmm, I guess you are right, I’m started feeling grateful that Tini is different from me.  I can’t imagine if both of us are shy and introvert. I guess my parents will be depressed. Haha. I will learn how to understand Tini more. Two things are more beautiful if both of them are distinct but they complete one another. I understand what you mean Jessica :). Thankyou Jessica, without you, I will stuck blaming Tini. I know she wants the best for me. Thanks Jessica, you are truly my best friend”, said Tina while hugging Jessica

“Ah, you make me blushed. I guess I learn one or two thing from both of you too. I’m kind of jealous because of you two :(. I mean I’m the only child in my family..”, said Jessica

“Aw, don’t be sad, you are also my family, my siblings 😀 :D. You are not alone :)”, said Tina

“Haha I guess so, enough with the chit chat, we haven’t finished our assignments for tomorrow !!!!!!”. Jessica panicked.

“it will be breeze. Leave it to me :)”.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Anyway, Happy Reading !


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