Love is Like Roses #Writing101


Love is like Roses. It’s so beautiful to watch and admire but when you went deep inside, there will be thorns that will hurt you bad


Ever imagining relationship without problems? Relationships where happiness always there with no sadness and quarrels in it? You must be wandering if it really is a relationship?

Relationship is like a labyrinth. You will never know which way will lead you to the happy ending, which way that will leads you to a dead end. You will never know what will be coming to face you. What challenges should both of you face in order to survive and defending your relationship. You two must walk together, shielding each other so that no one can hurt both of you. You must have a commitment to see to to the end, never give up to any obstacles, never ever lose sight of anyone of you.

Love is such a complicated thing that you will lose your mind instantly. You will think irrationally and your choice of actions will be questioned by a reasonable person. Love is the one that make your heart goes dug dag dug dag and love is also the one that makes you feel depressed, sad and irritated. Love is like a two-sided coins. You may taste the happiness but you must also be prepared through hardships.


Imagine both of you, who have been together for a time and have been making good memories with each other, truly love each other and willing to sacrifice everything to your couple, suddenly are faced with a very hard obstacle that you know it is impossible to get through. For example, sudden diagnose that show that your loved one is faced with incurable disease or when two of you are really not destined that mores/customs (?) are not allowed both of you to be together or maybe both of your parents never approved your relationship?

Facing that kind of obstacle, maybe most of the couples will have to face their fate and unfortunately have to say farewell to each other. With those reason to seperate both of you that truly loves each other, will they ever move on from each other and start a new life?


Love is a complicated thing. It burns your soul, your heart, your mind when you are suffering from it. Who ever forget about their first love? Maybe you are still right now thinking of him/her. Wondering what is he/she doing, how is he/she doing right now, sometimes stalking their social media? Who knows?

Whatever the reason is, you mustn’t dwell too much in your sadness and simply move on. You may treasure your beautiful memories about your past, doing your best for your new future and live the simple happy life again. It may be hard at first and it may be sting in the future as you accidentally remember the past, but past is what making who we are right now. Never ever regret about the past, stay positive, learn from the past and build a better future not only for you, for your family but also for others and this world.



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