The Glimpse of the Future #Writing101

This post is made to celebrate the opening of Writing101 Day One : Unlock The Mind by Daily Post. So for the next 20 days, I’ll be blogging through the challenges they made and go through them to yeah improve my writing 🙂 Anyway, First Day Task is to simply wirte whatever I have in mind in twenty minutes. Randomly writing and expressing my thought lol

It’s funny this challenge starts in the same day I met the co-founder of WordPress Mr Matt. After not updating this blog for maybe 2 or 3 weeks, I have the urge to write when having a “talk” with Mr Matt and when I was thinking about what to write, I browsed and found this Writing101 and it made me interesting to go through the challenge.

‘The Glimpse of the Future”, the title seems so admirable and amazing but what do I really mean by it? I’m sure everyone ever at least once wondering what the future really looks like to him/her? What will he/she will be? Will he/she be successful? Will he/she get what he/she wants? Honestly, this has been in my thought like forever. Ever since I’m in university, I have been wondering what to do, what the future really holds for me, am I in the right direction? Before sleeping every night, sometimes I’ll be imaginating what will future looks like for me. Getting a good job? Meeting that special someone? Starting own business? Gaining a tons of wealth? Travelling the world? Contributing for world’s peace (omg). Lol. Of course everyone is free to imagine what will the future will be for him/her, but what’s important is how to make an early step towards what you imagine, striving to make it true.

That’s what I mean by stating “The Glimpse of The Future”, you peek over what you so-called your own wild imagination of your future and start striving for it. Of course you shouldn’t and you won’t imagine your future to be a failure so the often you imagine and perceive your future, the more you think about how to get to that ideal future that currently stay still in your mind. The next step is to make that simple early step. It’s simple yet difficult. That step is so simple that it can be done in few days or weeks but it’s difficult because you need to go out of your comfort zone and try to do something unusual for you. An example is you are suck in Chinese (Mandarin) language, but you vision your future working in Taiwan or China or travelling around the world, you need to take the first step to at least learn Chinese, but you unconsciously reject the idea to learn Chinese so bad and choose to just play and have fun with your daily habits. That’s the casual problem that always hinders us to reach our “ideal” future.

Talking about my very own Glimpse of the Future, I really loved if I someday can get a good job, taking one step and another for a more prestigious position, building my own wealth, starting my own business and finally travel around the world. I would like to master Chinese (which here right now I’m really suck in Chinese), travel to Taiwan on daily basis (wow), building a good family and finally contribute to the society. It’s the casual future for everyone but yeah it’s really good if it can happen in the future. As for the early first step I have been taking is I will and must pass my Cisco CCNA Certification and learning Chinese bit by bit (that’s the hardest part).

I’m really sure you all ever wondering about your future and sometimes feeling insecure about it, but chill, everyone must have been feeling like that and it’s up to you how you strive to your “ideal” future. How you decide to take the very first step to it and go out of your comfort zone. It’s best if you can share with others about your “ideal” future and receiving a continuous support from them. Therefore, I wish you all success for whatever “ideal” future you have been thinking of and don’t forget, future is mystery but it’s up to us how we create our future !


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