Journey to Taiwan Part 5 – Taichung to Kaohsiung

(will update more photos later on)

Wohooo, today we started again our journey from TaiChung to Kaoshiung, the South of Taiwan!! When Taichung is a modern city, Kaoshiung is an industrial city and a harbour city. The harbour in this city is told fantastic (didn’t have time to see the harbour). Because it is a harbour city, the seafood is awesome :p (not that I like seafood haha).

We didn’t go directly from TaiChung to Kaoshiung.

Narcissism in one of the bus stop rest

Narcissism in one of the bus stop rest

The Beatles lol

The Beatles lol

First we went to Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center. It took more than 2 hours from Taichung to Fo Guang Shan. Before I went there, my imagination is like we gonna visit a temple, like ordinary temple, but when i stepped at the Memorial Center, it is superbly modern and just WOW. There is even Starbucks haha.. But of course the Memorial Center is different from the Fo Guang Shan Monastery where the Bhikkus live. The Memorial Center is just awesome. Maybe some pictures can give you how WOW and fantastic it is.

One of the View in Fo Guang Shan

One of the View in Fo Guang Shan

After Fo Guang Shan Memorial Center, we continued our journey towards Kaohsiung. Before arriving in Kaohsiung, we went to E-da World Outlet Shopping Mall. It is a complete complex where there are Shopping Mall, Theme park, Residential Places, etc. Basically the Shopping Mall is like other Shopping Mall. The insides are commonly fashion and beauty center. I didn’t feel like exploring cause I’m sick of Shopping Malls in Jakarta haha and the prices in E-da Shopping Mall is expensive, not worth it.

After a boring visit in Shopping Mall, we went to Spring Autumn Pavilion, Dragon and Tiger Pagoda. The Pavilion and the Pagoda is only a few miles away. We took some splendid pictures there. In dragon and tiger pagoda, we supposed to enter the Pagoda from the mouth of Dragon and out from the mouth of Tiger. It is believed that if we enter the pagoda that way, we will be prosperous and rich. So, why not? Who want to say no to Prosperity and Rich? haha

A view from the top of the  Pagoda

A view from the top of the Pagoda

After that we had our dinner in one of the Haika Restaurant. It was splendid. After dinner we went to Liu He Night Market Kaohsiung. The Night Market is full of FOODS especially seafood. There are lobsters, crabs, cuttlefish, prawns, etc etc etc. Because I didn’t like seafood, I’m just idle in the night market, sight seeing and refreshing my eyes (if you know what I mean lol). I were also hunting for Taiwanese Milk Tea. We bought two types of Taiwanese Milk Tea and both were awesome.

The seafood in the Night Market. I can't eat them all x_x yucks

The seafood in the Night Market. I can’t eat them all x_x yucks

After supper, we went back to our hotel. After dropping our luggage, we went to Kaohsiung Love River where couples spend their “time” there. Feels sad that I’m single (lol). There are a lot of couples because the sides of the river is dimmed-lighted and yeah you know couples can do their thing there lol. So yeah, we went sightseeing and cracking jokes. (We are SINGLES) hahaha..

The Love River

The Love River

Had a fantastic time today, tomorrow will be our last day touring Taiwan before we went back to Indonesia in the next two days. Gonna enjoy myself to the fullest tomorrow!! Zai Jian !

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  1. Diman Poh Lie - Bandung & Jakarta

    Verry Good and A Complit Report ,, Best Picture taken and full of TAIWAN journey memories,, well done Andryan VT ,! hopefully can have athoder Big Family Journey ASAP !


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