Journey to Taiwan – Part 3 (16th April 2014) – FInally met ShiGongShangRen

Upon arrival in Jing Si Jing She

Upon arrival in Jing Si Jing She

Jing Si Jing She

Jing Si Jing She

Anxiety really feels the mood in the morning. After so long joining Tzu Chi, finally I would meet Master Cheng Yen (or Shi Gong Shang Ren). After finishing our breakfast, we headed to Jing Si Jing She. There we met several Indonesian Tzu Chi Volunteers who were giving reports to Shi Gong. We waited for our turn to meet Shi Gong.



Then, we were called to a room where Shi Gong and Indonesian Volunteers will hold the meeting. Then one of the Shi Bo told Shi Gong that the one in front are one family consisting of 22 family members who all of them are Tzu Chi Volunteers and consisting of 4 generation. From my Grandma Grandpa up to my nephew. After Shi Gong heard that, Shi Gong said to the nearby Shi Gu / Shi Fu “wa lai beh khi khua i lank” (I don’t really remember cause the nervousness, meaning I’ll go see them) to prepare the bracelet and red pocket special from Shi Gong

. After that we lined up to receive those from Shi Gong. When it was my turn, because my cousin that lined up in front of me is Tzu Chi University Taiwan student, Shi Gong asked me “你也是在大学吗?” (or something like that, i don’t really know Mandarin haha, the meaning itself is “You also study in Tzu Chi University?”), then I answered ” 不是师公, 我是在印尼” (I answered with my poor Mandarin that means “No shigong, I’m at Indonesia”) then Shi Gong asked again “ah,你是印尼的慈青?”( ah, are you Tzu Ching from Indonesia?). Then i replied “是“ (or basically yes, yeah it’s kinda impolite and awkward but i dunno what to speak anymore (It’s really an honor to meet Shi Gong directly and had such a conversation with Shi Gong and I felt really flustered haha)). Then, because Shi Gong was really busy, actually when we receive those from Shi Gong, we actually didn’t have the opportunity to had a conversation with Shi Gong like me and only a few of us had that chances and I’m feeling really grateful. Shi Gong really likes Youth Volunteers cause we are the next generation that will continue Shi Gu Shi Bo journey in Tzu Chi and I’m really proud I’m one of the Youth Volunteers.

After meeting Shi Gong, we were given a tour around Jing Si Jing She by one of the Shi Fu.

Little Bodhisatva

Little Bodhisatva

Little Bodhisatva

Little Bodhisatva

Shi Fu was really kind and full of wisdom. Along the walk, Shi Fu told us stories, histories, teachings and jokes. It was a really lively walks around Jing Si Jing She.




The Shi Fu was really caring. First, the Shi Fu heard that we had to depart soon to catch up train in 11am, but actually the train is 1.20pm. Shi Fu worried that we would be late cause we only got 30 mins till 11am. Shi Fu prepared for us lunch boxes so that we could eat in the train. In the end, we found out that it was a miscommunication and we ate the lunch boxes there. During lunch, Shi Fu prepared for us Taiwanese Milk Tea. I didn’t know how to express my gratitiude to Shi Fu. I’m the one who suppose to serve the Shi Fu not Her. It was a real touching moment.

After finishing our lunch, we took photos in Jing Si Jing She. The photos were really beautiful.



When we were going to leave, another Shi Fu gave us something like Moon Cake packed really beautiful and the first Shi Fu gave us what we called “Manthou” made by the Shi Fu(s).

Manthou from Shi Fu and Shi Gong

Manthou from Shi Fu and Shi Gong

It was a really touching experience in Hua Lien and Jing She. It really felt like going to a real home. A really peaceful home and I’m really grateful I got a chance to experience it.

Next we move to Hualen Railway Station to catch our train. The journey to Taipei took almost two and half hours. I spent half of my time in the train reading novel (“Divergent” lol) and then slept. Arrived in Taipei, we were fetched by our Tour Guide that will be guiding our vacation till Sunday.

The first place we visited after arriving back to Taipei is Chiang Khai Sek Memorial Hall. There we took several pictures and watched a performance.



Then we transferred to hotel to refresh ourselves, took a bath and changed clothes. Then we went to Shi Lin Night Market. Because the place was too crowded, I nearly got lost a few times. Lol

After ShiLin Night Market, we wanted to see more of Taipei. Then we went to Ning Xia Night Market near our hotel, the Royal Seasons Hotel. It only took approx. 3 minutes from the hotel to the Night Market. It was really convenient. We spent the rest of the night there.

It was again a nice and meaningful day in Taiwan. Finally met ShiGong, received an extremely good treatment from Jing Si Shi Fu, and went to several exciting places in Taipei. Looking forward again for tomorrow where we will go to KaoShiung (if i’m not mistaken lol). See you guys, gonna take a rest and recover rapidly for tomorrow. Thanks for reading 🙂 Comments and Suggestions are well received. Thanks 🙂

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