A Meaningful Experience

These two days on the final weekend of October have been awesome. Yeah, to get such a meaningful experience through being able to guide someone has been superb. Actually, before one day before the D-day, I’ve still been in doubt whether to go or not as in this few months, activities have become a boredom and I’m actually in doubt. I’m losing the sensation when I first came to Jakarta and experience and learn new things, getting things done by teamwork, by hardwork and with so many people with beautiful heart. These days, activities kinda feel like a routine, the things that have to be a must-do and what makes it boredom is that there’s no such things like 30 or 40 people struggling together to make a successful activity together, reaching for the best and get the meaningful experience in it. Of course this is just a personal judgement and I’m kind of tire to mix it with the uncondusively schedule between yeah university and that “authorized training”. Sometimes I’ve been thinking what is my goal to go to Jakarta. Yeah,it’s to study and that kind of thinking has made me aware of how I managed taking activities. So much doubt in it. And what I’m going to bold out is I’m not going to quit this what I called ” University of Life”, It has been too much love in it. It’s impossible to leave it behind, but I’m kinda sad, I want to feel that kind of feeling when I first came to Jakarta.. It’s so lovely 🙂

What i’m searching for in the past few weeks finally here. When I’m about to tire myself more, I got such a vitamin from them who are younger than me and of course other Tzu Chings. It has been so long since we gather to be in the same activities, together strunggling, giving our best. It’s priceless 🙂 Youth is about to enjoy life, helping others, learning kindness of life, what we should do in life and of course to build links and relationship, friendship with others. That’s what youth is right? And that what I’m getting in this two days. Felt like being dependable by others, helping and helped by others, giving guidance to the one who needs, debating for the best solutions. Oh yeah, this is what I’m looking for. It’s to prepared us towards what we called the real life outta there 🙂

Maybe this writings seems delusional to someone who have tasted the bitterness of life. But that what makes youngster awesome. Because they haven’t know the truth bitterness and reality of life, we dare to write,think,dream whatever we want without afraid of the consequences of what we gotta got when we choose these path. We simply believe we will get the positive, beneficial things rather than negative and hopeless consequences 🙂

It’s has been awesome and kinda refreshing. But have to get to reality soon :D. A tons of assignments are waiting !!! haha.. Ganbatte! Have a nice Monday 😀

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