A Thought of the Night

Having so long not updating this blog, and kinda funny tonight updating some serious yet funny thought. Haha.. Finally turned 19 this month yet I haven’t realized and felt like being 19 at all. It seems like yesterday I was playing and studying at home in Medan, playing Badminton every weekend. It was such a beautiful childhood time πŸ™‚ Why it seems not like being 19? Felt like I’m far from achieving anything in this life. When every friends out there actively achieving something that they can be proud about, I’m just stuck here doing nothing. Just studying studying and studying. Although I’m going such thing like Authorized Training for my future career, will it be enough? Have been in a deep thought in a few days lately. But I guess this thought surfaced because I’ve been in holiday for so long. Almost 3 months and will be resuming my university life in a few days. Holiday while doing nothing and just stuck in the room while waiting for Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday to attend my so calles Authorized Training lol, maybe that caused a silly deep thought for a while haha. It’s true I haven’t achieved anything in my life, but while I’m writing this down, I thought that maybe I should enjoy this life more a little bit, going through the flow of life and enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe that’s enough for a time being. I’m also having a desire to join any of University’s Sport Club, but didn’t know what kind of sport should I take and if I have this much of free time while finally the busy schedule of Lecturer finally kicked in and I’ve to prepare my Certification Test in a few months. Maybe this month is the last time I enjoy a peaceful life and day such as this till the next long long holiday in July next year lol. So much worry I have put in my thought, but that’s what I am haha.. Should have been feeling more Grateful for such a easy life compared to them facing a harder life πŸ™‚ guess that’s what it is. Hoping my worry can decrease day after day πŸ˜€ Hopefully I can update my thought again later πŸ˜€ Sayonara for now

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